#Bookstagram Recap — January 2019

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  • Your Bookstagram game is on point!! I love the old typewriter in some of your pics. I got one last year and have been trying to use it more in my book photos. I am woefully lacking in my Bookstagram lately. Winter lighting sucks, but I that’s just the excuse I’m using right now to not have to deal with making a mess setting up pictures.

    The MATCH ME IF YOU CAN pic is my fave 🙂

    • Thank you, Michelle!! I take my photos outside so it’s a pain to bring the heavy type writer downstairs all the time, which is why it isn’t in too many photos. The bookstagram mess is real—it seems like I’ve just put everything away when it comes time again to take more photos. I look forward to seeing your photos as you get back in the game!

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