Author Assistant Services

Calling all authors! Are you in need of an assistant? How about someone to update your website or create promo graphics?

If so, I’d love to talk with you! I have marketing and  publishing experience—and I’m happy to send resume/references. Available for remote or local SoCal work.

As for what type of services, I’m pretty open to whatever your needs are. Here are some examples of what I can do to help make your life easier:

  • Update and maintain author website (events, media coverage, press kit, buy links, preorder info, etc.)
  • Help with newsletters (whether that’s formatting/creating, brainstorming ideas, scheduling, etc.)
  • Create graphics and write copy for social media promo
  • Plan out a social media promo calendar and schedule posts
  • Explore creative ways to engage readers
  • Book influencer outreach for reviews, creative posts, interviews, or cover reveals
  • Monitor Goodreads
  • Check and respond to emails
  • Manage author calendar and schedule
  • Proofread and copyedit materials
  • Package and mail out envelopes for preorder campaigns
  • Monitor and report e-book piracy
  • Look out for and report any imposters or threats
  • Any other admin duties as needed

As you can see there’s a whole bunch of tasks I can do! It really comes down to what your goals are/what tasks you don’t have time for but need to get done. If you have any other needs you’re thinking about, let me know and I can see if my skillset fits. I’m also available for project-based work if you currently do not need a long-term assistant.

Praise from authors I have worked with:

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Please contact me through the form below with any questions or requests: