The Darkest Minds Special Screening Recap

Last week I had the privileged of attending the special screening of The Darkest Minds with the cast! This was honestly one of the coolest book-related things I have ever done. Before this, I had never been to a premiere/advanced screening before. When I saw the tickets go up for it online, I jumped at the opportunity and RSVP’d right away.

My date for the evening was my mom, and we ended up getting to Arc Light Cinemas an hour before the line was supposed to start. We were lucky that we got there when we did, though, because the line had already started forming. We jumped in line and started talking to the people next to us, which helped pass the time. The premiere/media interview part was happening at the main entrance so I occasionally went over there to see what was happening.

After waiting close to four hours, we were part of the last group to get tickets for the screening. As we made our way inside, Alexandra Bracken and the cast were finishing up their interviews and heading inside. I was lucky enough to run into Alex, who kindly signed my book and took a photo with me. I also found Skylan Brooks in the theater and he signed my book, too. While my mom and I were grabbing drinks and popcorn (there was a whole wall of it for free), we saw Amandla Stenberg who gladly signed my book as well!

Lastly, as we made our way back to our seats, Mandy Moore was coming in behind us with her security! There was a bit of a hold up in front of us as we tried to head up to our seats so my mom spoke with Mandy’s publicist who gave my book to Mandy to sign! We then headed back to our seats and listened to the director and producers speak before the movie started.

I don’t want to spoil anything about the movie in this post since it hasn’t released yet (don’t worry a book vs. movie comparison will be up once the movie is officially in theaters), but I LOVED it. I found it to be very faithful to the characters and plot of the book, so readers do not have to worry about it! It was such a neat experience seeing the movie with a completely full audience, who were either connected to the film somehow or fans of the books, especially during some of the funnier lines that had everyone laughing! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the screening and to meet some of the cast members!

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  • Oh my god, this whole experience sounds AMAZING, and I *love* your post!! It’s amazing that you got to see the movie with people who truly cared about it, and were excited, and omg – getting all those signatures on top of that is amazing. I’m really happy to hear that to movie is great, because I have high expectations for it – I’m currently rereading The Darkest Minds, and want to get to the others (which I haven’t read before) before going.

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    • I had such an amazing experience and I’m so thankful that I was able to go! I hope you enjoyed the movie as much as I did! <3

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