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Stalking Jack the Ripper andHunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco — 4.5 stars and 5 stars
I reread both Stalking Jack the Ripper and Hunting Prince Dracula in preparation of diving into the the conclusion, Capturing the Devil. I listened to the audiobooks this time and loved the narrator! She did a great job taking on Audrey Rose’s voice, and I loved going back to the beginning of her and Thomas’s relationship.

Deadly Little Scandals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes — 5 stars
Deadly Little Scandals 
takes place at the start of the summer after Little White Lies. I didn’t think there could be any more huge twists after Little White Lies, but oh boy was I wrong. There are SO many more twists in book 2 than there were in book 1. I don’t know why this always surprises me as I have read several of the author’s novels now, but Jennifer Lynn Barnes truly is the master of twists. Deadly Little Scandals will take you on a wild ride full of twists and turns that you will not see coming! Read my full review here.

The Naturals, Killer Instinct, All In, Bad Blood, andTwelve by Jennifer Lynn Barnes — 5 stars
After reading Deadly Little Scandals, I needed more of a Jennifer Lynn Barnes fix so I ended up rereading the entire The Naturals series. This is one of my favorite series and loved diving back into the world and becoming reacquainted with the characters. If you’re a fan of Criminal Minds, you’ll love The Naturals series!

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan — 3.5 stars
This may be a case where I loved the movie more than the book. The Crazy Rich Asians book dived into more of the different POVs of the characters and their backgrounds, which I did enjoy but ended up making the story drag on at parts. The beginning was slow, but it did pick up later in the novel and pulled me in then—it just took a bit to get there. The lifestyles were just as glamorous in the movie and the writing was pretty funny too!

All Fall Down by Ally Carter — 4 stars
All Fall Down 
was another reread via audiobook! I love Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls and Heist Society series, and read All Fall Down as soon as it released but never got around to the rest of the series. I want to catch up and finish the series, so I picked up the audiobook to refresh my memory. The narrator really captured Grace’s inner turmoil and I might even decide to listen to the rest of the series on audio as well.

The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo — 5 stars
I absolutely, positively loved reading Maurene Goo’s The Way You Make Me Feel! The main character Clara would definitely be considered an “unlikable” character, but I loved that part of her and watching her character development over the course of the novel with help from her new bestie Rose and the cute boy Hamlet. Seriously though, Hamlet is so cute and nerdy and sweet and wow there just needs to be more soft boys in YA. Clara’s relationships with each of her parents were great, and I especially loved Clara’s dad—one of the best parents I’ve read in YA. The Way You Make Me Feel really did feel like a love letter to LA and I loved the diversity all of the characters. It’s a delightful novel full of friendship, family, growing up, and good food. This book is definitely a summer must-read! See my aesthetic.

Eligible by Curtis Littenfeld — 3 stars
I’ve heard great things about Eligible for years now, so I was excited to finally dive into the audiobook. While it was an enjoyable Pride and Prejudice retelling, it didn’t quite meet the high expectations I had for it.

Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren — 3.5 stars
Twice in a Blue Moon 
is the first Christina Lauren novel I’ve read. I liked the idea of the divided timelines and the second chance romance, but the result seemed like each part was rushed. I would have loved to seen the sides developed a little bit more. I really did enjoy being on a movie set in the second part though, which was so fun. I actually read this one by listening to the audiobook and really enjoyed the narrator. In the future, I definitely want to read Christina Lauren’s other novels!

In Paris with You by Clémentine Beauvais — 2 stars
In Paris with You 
is a novel told in verse. I listened to the audiobook, which really helped bring the lyrical words to life, and would definitely recommend checking that out if you plan to read it. I really liked the idea of this book and wish I had enjoyed it more than I did. Unfortunately, I just didn’t really care for the characters all the much.

Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds — 4 stars
I really liked listening to the audiobook of Look Both Ways. I loved how each story had a different narrator, which really brought the kids to life. The diversity of the characters and their stories are so important, and I enjoyed when there were little overlaps between the different stories (since all the kids attend the same school). This collection of short stories would make a great addition to a middle school classroom or library.

Have you read any of these books yet? What books did you read in October?

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