New Year, New Theme!

New Year, New Theme

This has been a long time coming . . . but I am so excited to introduce the *new* The Heart of a Book Blogger!

After nine years, it was time for a major glow up. And I am so happy with this updated look. Take a look for yourself!

The Heart of a Book Blogger Website

Doesn’t it look so clean and sleek?!? I invite you to explore The Heart of a Book Blogger to truly see the full picture!

For those interested in the longer story, at the beginning of last year, my original theme finally broke as the developers had stopped updating it. I patched it up quickly so that my website would still function, but I was unhappy with where it landed . . . which led me to posting less.

But now I’m back! And I have a lot of ideas on how to continue revamping this blog.

I will of course be continuing to scream about YA books and hosting authors in interviews and fun guest posts. My favorite type of post to write over the last couple of years has 100% been my book recommendation listicles paired with popular TV shows and movies, so those will be sticking around for sure.

One area I am interested in including more of is my love for Nancy Drew. I am a huge collector and fan, and last year I reread some mysteries from my favorite spinoff series (the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery series for those curious). I had a blast diving back into these books as the plots are so chaotic and unhinged! A goal I set this year is to completely read one of the spinoff series I haven’t touched yet, so I want to document this journey here. And maybe share a few pieces from my collection along the way.

But I want to hear from you! What do you love most about The Heart of a Book Blogger? What would you like to see more of? Leave a comment below with your thoughts! ⬇️

I am so thankful for the many readers that have followed me throughout the years and want to be sure I am including the content YOU want to see! So I hope you love this new look as much as I do and that you will continue following along on this journey.

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