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Today, I’m sharing a Q&A from a twitter chat that took place last summer with Katie McGarry! Katie’s the author of the Pushing the Limits series and the Thunder Road series, both of which I highly recommend!

  • Jordan: What was the greatest piece of writing advice you have received?
    • Katie McGarry: That if I’m not experiencing the emotions my characters are feeling, I’m not writing the right thing. If they cry, I should be crying. If they laugh, I should be laughing.
  • J: What’s your favorite/least favorite part of the writing process?
    • KM: When the writing comes easy=favorite. Writer’s block=least favorite.
  • J: If any of your books could be turned into a movie, which one would you like to see most?
    • KM: Nowhere But Here!
  • J: Which character’s POV has been the easiest to get into? Hardest
    • KM: I loved writing Oz from Nowhere But Here. I could have written him all day, every day. Hardest? Noah from Pushing the Limits made me drag all the information out of him. Noah had trust issues, even with me. 😉
  • J: Which one of your characters do you relate the most to?
    • KM: Yikes. All of them in one way or another. I give them all a piece of me. I understood Beth and Haley the most because of the hurts they had to endure.
  • J: Is there a specific trait that one of your characters have that you wish had?
    • KM: I wish I could drive a stick shift like Isaiah and Rachel. I can drive one, but not well.
  • J: If you were to write another book in the Pushing the Limits series, who would be the couple?
    • KM: Excellent question! Jax and Ethan definitely need someone special in their lives.
  • J: Which book was easiest to write? Hardest?
    • KM: Easiest: Chasing Impossible. Hardest: Take Me On—emotionally tough for me to write.
  • J: Which of your covers is your favorite?
    • KM: Walk the Edge! It is beautiful!
  • J: How did you come up with some of your book titles?
    • KM: Most of the time I don’t. I suck at book titles and my publisher helps me out. 🙂
  • J: Which of your guys would you have dated in high school
    • KM: Noah, Isaiah, Oz, and Razor but I married my Ryan. 🙂
  • J: Do you have a specific event/story that inspired one of your books
    • KM: Yes. Every one of my stories is inspired by an event or emotion from my past.
  • J: Is there anything you regret writing (or not writing) in one of your books?
    • KM: I cut the original opening for Take Me On and I wish I would have left it in
  • J: What is one of your favorite scenes you’ve written?
    • KM: When Emily finds out what the stars on Eli’s arms mean. 
  • J: Any favorite recent reads that you’d recommend?
    • KM: I second ‪Trish Doller’s The Devil You Know and ‪Kristan Higgins’ If You Only Knew. Both amazing. I also loved Miranda Kenneally’s Jesse’s Girl!
  • J: Who’s your current book boyfriend?
    • KM: From my own stories? Razor from Walk the Edge. *fans self* I also have a crush on ‪Huntley Fitzpatrick’s Jase. 🙂
  • J: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
    • KM: A pause and a rewind button on life! Comes at me fast! And children grow up faster. (Stolen from Huntley Fitzpatrick)
  • J: What was the last tv show you binge-watched?
    • KM: Army Wives and The Walking Dead

Thanks for answering all of my questions, Katie! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Walk the Edge in stores now! Not sure if you’ll like Walk the Edge? Read my 5 star review here!

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