12 Days of YA Book Recommendations: Day 3 – Dystopian

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On the third day of YA Book Recommendations, I am sharing three of my favorite dystopian trilogies!

The Blood of Eden trilogy takes a whole new spin on vampires. In a dystopian world where most humans were killed off by a disease, vampires have now taken over. Even though the beginning of the first book is slow, the rest of the series picks up pace. I loved how kickass the main character was and how dark the world was. If you haven’t read this series yet, it is definitely worth it!


While this series is on the lighter side, it still is classified in the dystopia genre. If you’re looking for a cute romance to get caught up in, The Selection is for you. This is definitely on the younger YA side, but it is very entertaining and such an easy read to fall in love with.


First of all, Delirium‘s covers were just redone and they are absolutely gorgeous. I would buy this trilogy based on the covers alone if I saw them on a shelf in a bookstore. However, the inside is just as beautiful. Lauren Oliver’s writing is wonderful, and I loved how well-written the characters, plot, and setting were. Be prepared for heartbreak!

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What are your favorite dystopian novels? Let me know below in the comments!

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  • Ooh, interesting list! I’ve read The Selection and The Immortal Rules! I found The Selection to be very interesting and fluffy, and The Immortal Rules had great action!

    Some of my favourite dystopians are 1984, Animal Farm, and The Handmaid’s Tale! 🙂

    • TBH, I loved The Selection because it is so fluffy. I’ve had The Handmaid’s Tale on my TBR list forever, so I’m glad to hear that it is one of your favorites! 😀

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