When I saw that Swoon Reads was hosting a #YAPromToRemember today, I knew that I needed to partake in it! I had fun with my friend group at my senior prom, but it was not quite as what I had imagined it to be because I had strep throat during the week leading up to prom and an allergic reaction to the medication my doctor prescribed me the day of! Talk about nightmare—my fingers swelled up and I broke out in hives (and then I was extremely tired because of the benadryl I took). You can see why I jumped at the chance to create a prom-inspired moodboard!

My date would be Bill from Morgan Matson’s Save the Date as he’d be perfect if we ran into any mishaps! I would love to wear a beautiful, flowing green gown with a succulent corsage. The prom would be held outside under beautiful twinkle lights where we would dance the night away, ending with a slow dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

Which YA character would you take to prom as a date (or friend)?

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