Welcome to my new book blog, The Heart of a Book Blogger! I’m Jordan and I’m excited to begin this new journey.

A little bit about me…

1) I love reading, especially YA!

2) I’m currently a senior in high school.

3) I hope to someday work in the book industry in a publishing house.

4) I live in sunny California.

5) You can also find me at http://theheartofabookblogger.tumblr.com

Now, a little bit about this blog…

1) Come here for the latest updates in the YA world.

2) I’ll post reviews of books I’ve read.

3) I’ll talk (and let’s face it, fangirl) about books being made into movies and tv shows.

4) Any book signings, festivals, and panels I attend will be discussed. Plus, I’ll give a heads up and if you want an author to answer a question, I’ll can ask it for you.

5) There will be a series Author Q&A’s I have already planned out. Hopefully, I’ll actually have full interviews and guest posts with authors in the future.

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