Veronica Rossi, Mary E. Pearson, & Kiersten White Event Recap

Last Tuesday afternoon, I drove down to San Diego with my mom to attend Veronica Rossi, Mary E. Pearson, & Kiersten White’s event at Mysterious Galaxy. This was my first event at Mysterious Galaxy, and I was very satisfied with it. I’ll definitely be attending more events at this bookstore.

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We arrived at the store about an hour and a half before the event started. I quickly picked out a couple books to buy and then my mom and I left to go grab dinner before the event started. We returned with about twenty minutes until the event started.

Veronica, Mary, and Kiersten came out right at 7:30 and kicked off the event. After introducing themselves, they quickly jumped into questions from the audience. It was interesting to see how each of their writing styles compare to each other. Both Veronica and Mary started out as visual artists while Kiersten has always wanted to be an author. Since Veronica and Mary have a background in visual art, they tend to picture the settings in their books in great detail whereas Kiersten just sees words and enjoys writing dialogue between characters best.

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Veronica also enjoys traveling to different places to get a feel for settings and hopes to visit Greece next for research for her first adult historical novel. Mary just sent off the pass pages to her editor for The Beauty of Darkness, which is 688 pages long! I’m so stoked to binge read this series over the summer. Kiersten is currently working on her latest trilogy, And I Darken, and her first middle grade novel, Little Dead Riding Hood and Other Scarytales.

The authors were so nice and lovely to interact with and the staff at the store was wonderful, too. A huge thank you to Veronica Rossi, Kiersten White, Mary E. Pearson, and Mysterious Galaxy for a great event!

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