Past Perfect Life and Call It What You Want Tour Recap

I’m spending the summer in Denver so the first thing I did was to find out what YA events were going on. I’m glad I did because Elizabeth Eulberg and Brigid Kemmerer stoped by the Tattered Cover on my first night here and I got to meet them!

My grandma, who loves to read YA, lives in Colorado so she went to the event with me. We had a great time listening to Elizabeth and Brigid in conversation with Len Vlahos, owner of the Tattered Cover and YA author of The Scar Boys. Elizabeth and Brigid played off of each other so well and I laughed so much!

First, they talked about the inspiration behind their latest books. Elizabeth was inspired by the November 2, 2015 news story of a missing teen who was found healthy and alive in Ohio. The sheriff said “Can you imagine what it would be like if your entire life was a lie?” in an interview and that was the spark for Past Perfect Life. For Call It What You Want, Brigid wanted to do a Robin Hood retelling with a criminal’s son and cop’s daughter romance. From there, her financial stock broker background played a role. She knew how to spot money laundering from that, but talked to a FBI agent for additional research.

I hadn’t realized this, but Elizabeth has a HUGE Spanish following. The Lonely Hearts Club took off there so Elizabeth gets invited often for events and festivals. To honor these fans, Elizabeth will tru to stick something in her books for them—she includes telenovelas in Past Perfect Life for this reason.

While writing, Elizabeth and Brigid both listen to music. Brigid listened to John Mayer’s In the Blood and Elizabeth tends to just listen to the “Discover Weekly” playlist as new music won’t distract her. For book recommendations, Elizabeth is currently reading Red, White and Royal Blue and Brittany recently finished reading An Enchantment of Ravens.

Sending a big thank you out to Elizabeth Eulberg, Brigid Kemmerer, Len Vlahos, the Tattered Cover, and Bloomsbury for such an entertaining event!

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