Character Profiles: The Shadow Prince

The Shadow Prince releases in paperback on April 14th, and The Eternity Key releases in hardcover on April 28th. Today, I have character profiles to share to help celebrate!


Name: Haden Lord (a.k.a. Lord Haden, Prince of the Underrealm)

Hair Color: Dark brown hair in daylight. Appears midnight black in the dark.

Eye Color: Jade green with amber fire rings around his pupils. Sometimes, especially when vexed or otherwise emotional, it looks like he has actual flames dancing in his eyes.

Height: About 6’4″

Build: Big and muscular like a Spartan warrior.

Favorite Food: Braised hydra in plum sauce and steamed griffin’s milk . . . or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Favorite Drink: Pomegranate nectar—definitely not soda like Daphne, it burns!

Special Skills: Tracking, hunting, sword fighting, hand-to-hand combat, languages, stealth—to the point of being almost invisible in the dark, playing the guitar and singing (he just doesn’t know it yet!)

Weaknesses: Impulsive, sometimes selfish, occasionally compassionate of the less fortunate, sentimental about his deceased mother, too human.

Life Goal: To have his honor restored and to reclaim his standing as heir to the throne of the Underrealm (or so he thinks).

Character Inspirations: Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sam Winchester from Supernatural, Castiel from Supernatural, Thor and a little bit of Loki.

22718738Name: Daphne Raines (a.k.a. The Cypher)

Hair Color: Golden blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Height: Just little over 6 feet

Build: Tall and curvy—often described as looking like an amazon.

Favorite Food: BBQ bacon cheeseburger with avocado and a single onion ring.

Favorite Drink: Rootbeer!

Special Skills: Singing, guitar, floral design, animal charming, can hear special tones and music put off by all living/organic things. Uses these tones and sounds to read people and situations. (May be able to do even more with this ability—like control the elements)

Weaknesses: Abandonment issues from being raised without her father, has difficulty letting people in, overly focused on her goals, can’t drive.

Life Goal: Become a world famous musician on her own merit—not because her father is a the Joe Vince “the God of Rock.”

Character Inspirations: Taylor Swift meets Dean Winchester from Supernatural + Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

22718738Name: Tobin Oshiro-Winters (a.k.a. Toby—but only his mother calls him that, and he hates it).

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’6″

Build: Slim but toned and muscular from years of dance training.

Favorite Food: The Oshiro family’s infamous spider roll…or Swedish Fish.

Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew Code Red

Special Skills: Singing, dance, sailing, amateur conspiracy theorist, occasional hacker and code breaker.

Weaknesses: Under the thumb of a controlling mother, overly obsessed with exposing conspiracies surrounding strange disappearances of teenaged girls from his town, jumps to quick conclusions.

Life Goal:  Become the next Bruno Mars–and find his missing sister, Abbie.

Character Inspirations: Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Christian Reed from Dance Academy, and Sammy Lieberman from Dance Academy.

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