Book vs. Movie: Allegiant

Allegiant book movie differences

Allegiant, the latest installment in the Divergent movie series, released last week on March 18th. Again, like I said in my Insurgent book vs. movie comparison, I really do not remember too much of the story other than the major ending plus some other basic information like how Tris’s mother came from the outside and how people are either considered pure or damaged based on their genes. Like I said, I hardly remember anything, and the movie didn’t jog my memory all that well.

I think the main difference in this entire series is that movies were made more action-packed than the books, which I think is a good thing. From what I’ve been told/sort of remember, is that the last book was pretty slow. I think this is in part due to the book switching POVs back and forth between Tris and Four, which was obviously something that needed to be done with the death at the end.

That was one thing that the movie did well. They showed this switch of POV by focusing more on Four. However, towards the middle-end, Tris seemed a little disconnected and it was hard to relate/connect to  her on screen. I really did enjoy the focus on Four, though.

The special effects for the movie were phenomenal. While I don’t necessarily believe they were in the book, I really enjoyed how they added to the overall plot and action of the film. As I mentioned earlier, these films have been more action-packed and Allegiant is no exception.

Overall, while the film seemed very different from the movie, I still enjoyed the movie and look forward to the last installment next year, which has been renamed to Ascendant. I am curious how the end will be played out, and if they’ll keep the original ending from the book. I guess we’ll find out in a year!

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  • From what I hear, the Divergent franchise has been a flop on the movie market. I really just didn’t like the acting or much of anything from Divergent, and looking back I think I’ve grown out of my love for the Divergent series. I’m glad they added more action because Allegiant was SO slow.

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    • I enjoyed the first book of the series but not so much the others. My friends had read them way before me and were way into them so I think I liked them more because of that than actually because I enjoyed them. The best parts of the movies have definitely been Theo James *heart eyes* and Miles Teller, who brings the comic relief. The added action definitely adds more to the series, but I don’t know if I would still be seeing them if I hadn’t read the books years ago.

  • I still haven’t seen the movie and like you, I don’t remember too much about the book but after I saw the trailer, I think my want to watch the movie became less. I hope the movie is better then Insurgent. I’m glad about the special effects thingy though! Sounds entertaining.

  • I am a little disappointed. However, I have only read the first book. Other fans have cautioned me and that made me a little weary. They told me it goes downhill from there. The movies do not look recognizable and I believe that turned a lot of fans off.

    • I definitely enjoyed the first book more than I did the others. I just think that the second and third book diverge too much from the first.

  • I love how non-spoilery this is, Jordan! I haven’t read Allegiant, nor seen the movie yet! I haven’t read Allegiant because…well that spoiler xD But I am excited to see the movie, because yeah, it looks really action packed, and if it focuses more on Four’s POV…well I’m sold! 😛
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

    • Thank you, Geraldine! I do try to keep spoilers to a minimum in all my posts because, well, I hate being spoiled and I would feel absolutely terrible if I spoiled a book for someone. I hope you enjoy the movie!

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