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About Signs Point To Yes

Release Date: October 20, 2015

The author of A Little Something Different brings you the most adorkable romance ever.

Jane, a superstitious fangirl, takes an anonymous babysitting job to avoid an unpaid internship with her college-obsessed mom. The only problem? She’s babysitting the siblings of her childhood friend and new crush, Teo.

Teo doesn’t dislike Jane, but his best friend Ravi hates her, and is determined to keep them apart. So Teo’s pretty sure his plans for a peaceful summer are shot. His only hope is that his intermittent search for his birth father will finally pan out and he’ll find a new, less awkward home. Meanwhile, at Jane’s house, her sister Margo wants to come out as bisexual, but she’s terrified of how her parents will react.

In a summer filled with secrets and questions, even Jane’s Magic 8 ball can’t give them clear answers, but Signs Point to Yes.

I adored A Little Something Different. ADORED it! I didn’t think Sandy Hall’s next book could live up to the cuteness and little heart flutters that was A Little Something Different, but I was wrong. Signs Point to Yes is just as cute and adorable even if it does only have three POVs this time around.

The book begins with Jane frantically trying to find a job so she does not have to take the internship her mom set up for her. She answers an online ad for a babysitting gig to find out that the job is in her neighborhood and that it is to babysit her childhood friend’s younger half sisters. Jane’s mother used to babysit Teo when he was younger. Jane and him grew up together. Now, years later, they don’t even speak because Teo’s best friend hates Jane. When he finds out that Jane is the babysitter his mom hired, he is less than thrilled. However, once Jane starts working, they grow closer to each other and a friendship (maybe even something more) blossoms.

Jane’s personality was fun. Although I don’t completely agree on her decision about college, I could see where she was coming from and happy that her family did in the end too. During the book, Teo is frustrated with his step dad and tries to search for his real father. When Jane finds out, she does her best to track him down.

The book was written in third person but focused on a certain person. Most of the book was focused on Jane, but there were also a few sections for Teo and Margo. Margo’s storyline seemed forced at times. It was also kind of weird how it was stated at the beginning that the sisters weren’t really that close but became so all of a sudden. Another part that was weird was why Teo’s best friend hated Jane so much. When it finally came out at the end, I was surprised that it was for that reason.

The book was still great, though. I loved watching Jane and Teo’s relationship progress and was definitely rooting for them to get together the whole time. Their interactions were so cute and awkward and adorkable that I was left majorly swooning. Exactly what I was expecting from a Swoon Reads book!

I did like Jane and Margo’s relationship. They were very support of each other and there for each others’ crises. I guess they grew closer to each other because of the secrets they shared, but it definitely happened very fast.

Overall, I was in the mood to read a light romance and this was the perfect fit! I ended up reading the book in less than a day. If you’re a fan of A Little Something Different, you’ll definitely love Signs Point to Yes.

My Rating:

4 Hearts

*This ARC was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

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