ARC August 2017

August in two days, which it’s time for ARC August! The lovely ladies at Read.Sleep.Repeat are hosting their fifth annual ARC August for all of us to focus on reading the ARCs in our TBR piles. This is will be my second time participating in ARC August! I also participated in their ARC April in 2016, so I guess it’s technically my third round of focusing on all the ARCs.

Since school is right around the corner, I do not really know how many ARCs I will be able to read. My goal is just to read as many as I can, the bare minimum four.

The three books pictured above are ARCs that I HAVE to read for reviews scheduled this month already. The books pictured below are several ARCs I have that I would like to read this month. I know I will not be able to read them all, which is where YOU come in! I need you to help me pick out which books I should prioritize and read first! SO leave a comment with your choice below—my TBR will be very thankful! One quick disclaimer, not all of the ARCs I have are pictured here. Seeing as how I am very much a mood reader, I might end up picking up a book not even listed in this post.

Are you participating in ARC August this year? If so, what’s your goal or what books are you planning to read? Have you read any of the books pictured in my post? Let me know what you thought of them if you have or feel free to recommend of which ones you think I should read first!

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