A Tour of London (Harry Potter Edition)

Over this past May and June, I spent five weeks in London as a part of a summer program through my college. During free time one weekend, a few of the other students on my trip and I went on the Tour For Muggles, a walking tour based on locations that inspired JK Rowling’s writing and from the Harry Potter films. In celebration of JK Rowling and Harry Potter’s birthday today, I am sharing  the photos I took from this tour + a couple other Harry Potter spots I visited!

At the beginning of Half-Blood Prince film, Voldemort sends Death Eaters to destroy Millennium Bridge.

One of the filming locations we visited was were Ron Weasley hid before breaking into the Ministry of Magic in Deathly Hallows Part 1. Fun fact, the lamp post was added in during editing!

Across the street from Ron’s wall, is the Ministry of Magic entrance Harry and Mr. Weasley use. There’s no phone booth there in real life as it was added for filming purposes only.

At the beginning of the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Knight Bus picks up Harry from the Dursley’s. On its way to the Leaky Cauldron, it crosses Lambeth Bridge.
The Leaky Cauldron was filmed outside of Borough Market. Fun fact, the Knight Bus was too high to fight under the bridge so the top had to be taken off.
Lastly, we visited the locations that JK Rowling used as inspiration for Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley!

Not on the tour itself, I could not pass up the opportunity to visit Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station! I had seen plenty of photos of the cart going into the platform before, but I hadn’t realized there was a store connected to it and a professional photographer there to take photos.

Lastly, I was lucky enough to have the chance to see Cursed Child. The saying “a play is meant to be seen, not read” could not be more true than for Cursed Child. It was an absolutely magical performance, and I was so impressed by all the stage effects!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Harry Potter inspired tour of London!

*Photos from the Harry Potter films are not mine, but all other photos are.*

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