Une Visite de Paris ~ Anna & the French Kiss Edition

The first stop on my European adventure was a five day stay in Paris. I knew right away that I would reread Anna and the French Kiss, one of my favorites, while visiting. I started and finished rereading the book on the plane ride over. In the novel, Anna is sent off to boarding school in Paris for her senior year. Throughout the book, she travels all around the city. While rereading, I wrote down all the different places that Anna visits and decided that I wanted to capture her tour on film for all to see! So without further ado: Une Visite de Paris ~ Anna & the French Kiss Edition.

“‘Not there. Here.’ He points to my feet. I look down, and I’m surprised to find myself standing in the middle of a small stone circle. In the center, directly between my feet, is a coppery-bronze octagon with a star. Words are engraved in the stone around it: POINT ZÉRO DES ROUTES DE FRANCE. ‘Mademoiselle Elephant. It translates to “Point zero of the roads to France.” In other words, it’s the point from which all other distances in Frnace are measured.’ St. Clair clears his throat. ‘It’s the beginning of everything.’ I look back up. He’s smiling. ‘Welcome to Paris, Anna. I’m glad you’ve come.'” (page 84)

the beginning of everything - theheartofabookblogger


“St. Clair plucks a magazine called Pariscope from the racks of a newsstand and pays a cheerful man with a hooked nose.” (page 90)

le parisien - theheartofabookblogger


“And then the darkness gives way to white neon. An Art Deco font, burning into the night, announces our arrival at the CINEMA LE CHAMPO.” (page 104)

cinema - theheartofabookbloggerle champo - theheartofabookblogger
{I’m not going to lie. In all honesty, I gave up trying to find this theater early on. I knew it would be too difficult, so when we just randomly walked past it, I was ecstatic to have stumbled upon it.}


“I have ridden the elevators to the top of La Tour Eiffel (Mer took me while St. Clair and Rashmi waited below on the lawn—St. Clair because he’s afraid of falling and Rashmi because she refuses to do anything touristy)” (page 95)

eiffel tower - theheartofabookbloggertop of eiffel tower - theheartofabookblogger


“I have walked the viewing platform of L’Arc de Triomphe (Mer took me again, of course, while St. Clair stayed below and threatened to push Josh and Rashmi into the insane traffic circle)” (page 95)

l'arc de triomphe - theheartofabookbloggertop of l'arc de triomphe - theheartofabookblogger


“I order mine the way I always do here, by pointing at the picture of a banana and Nutella crepe and saying please.” (page 150)

crepe - theheartofabookblogger{I’m glad Anna and I like the same kind of crepes!}


“Bin after bin of macaroons in every flavor and color imaginable. Grass greens and pinky reds and sunshine yellows.” (page 158)

macroons - theheartofabookblogger


“St. Clair glances at me from the corner of his eyes and smiles. ‘A pantheon means it’s a place for tombs—of famous people, people important to the nation.'” (page 168)

pantheon - theheartofabookblogger


“It starts drizzling, so we pop into a bookshop across the Notre-Dame. The yellow-and-green sign reads SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY.” (page 183)

shakespeare and company - theheartofabookblogger{Such an amazing bookstore! Very crowded with both books and people!}


“He holds up a collection of poetry. Pablo Neruda. ‘Have you read this?’ I shake my head. ‘Good. Because I just bought it for you. Open it up.’ Confused, I do. There’s a stamp on the front page. SHAKESPEARE AND COMPANY, Kilometer Zero Paris. ‘For old times’ sake.’ St. Clair Smiles.” (page 186)

neruda love poems - theheartofabookblogger

{I just couldn’t resist picking up a copy of the Pariscope from a newsstand and Pablo Neruda’s love poems from Shakespeare & Company.}


“Le Jardin du Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Gardens, is busy today, but it’s a pleasant crowd. Étienne and I are sprawled before the Grand Bassin, an octagonal pool popular for failing try boats.” (pages 307-308)

luxembourg gardens - theheartofabookbloggergrab bassin - theheartofabookblogger


“I duck behind a métro sign, but I’ve unwittingly positioned myself in hearing distance.” (page 348)

metro - theheartofabookblogger


“The eyes of the city are fastened to me as I shoot across the Seine and onto ile de la Cité, but this time, I don’t care.” (page 355)

seine - theheartofabookblogger


“The cathedral is as breathtaking as ever. Once again, Paris leaves me awed. The high-vaulted ceiling, the intricate stained class, the gold-and-marble statuary, the delicately carved woodwork…Notre-Dame is mesmerizing.” (page 355)

notre dame - theheartofabookblogger


“The Galerie des Chimeres is pretty cool. The statues are half man and half beast, grotesque, fantastic creatures with beaks and wings and tails. My favorite holds his head in hands and sticks out his tongue, contemplating the city. Or maybe he’s just frustrated. Or sad. I check out the belfry. And it’s…a big bell.” (page 357)

chimera - theheartofabookbloggerbell - theheartofabookblogger


“‘I came to make another wish, and I was standing on Point Zero when I saw you enter the tower. I called your name, and you looked around, but you didn’t see me.'” (page 361)

point zero - theheartofabookblogger


I hope you’ve enjoyed Anna’s little tour of Paris! I know I sure had a great time putting this together. If you haven’t read Anna and the French Kiss yet, I hope this persuades you to soon!

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