October in Review

october in review

First & Then by Emma Mills — 3.5 stars
After seeing that First & Then had been compared to a Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights, I knew I was going to want to pick this book up right away. I was so excited when I received an ARC from the publisher. My favorite part of the book was the growing sibling relationship between Devon and Foster.  Another part I enjoyed was the romance between Devon and Ezra, however, just as Devon complains about Jane Austen, I wish there was more about the actual getting together part! If you’re worried about football overtaking the plot, don’t be. There was just the right amount for fans and non-fans of football to enjoy. Full review here.

Breaking the Rules by Katie McGarry — 3.5 stars
I absolutely love Katie McGarry’s books. Each time I pick up a new one, I end up reading through it in only a couple days. However, Breaking the Rules took me a lot longer to read. Breaking the Rules picks up with Echo and Noah, the main characters from Katie’s first novel Pushing the Limits, at the end their summer road trip right before college begins. My heart ached for Noah and Echo throughout the whole book; they could just never get a break. Each time one problem was solved, another issue presented itself. It was hard to read through this because all I wanted was for them to stay together, even though I already knew what happens to them in future books of the series. Overall, it was great seeing a continuation of their story while they tried to work through the ups and downs in their relationship.

Red Girl, Blue Boy by Lauren Baratz-Logsted — 2 stars
After reading the synopsis, I requested Red Girl, Blue Boy right away. I thought I was going to love it. I mean the son and daughter of rival presidential nominees? Yes, please! However, the book did not meet my expectations. The main reason that I didn’t enjoy the book was due to the characters, who acted too young. There were some cute, fluffy parts in the story, but I would have enjoyed more banter and political back and forth between the two love interests, but, alas, there was none. Full review here.

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