February in Review

My Unscripted Life by Lauren Morrill — 4 stars
My Unscripted Life 
is an adorable contemporary romance—the perfect summer read. If you’re a fan of hate-to-love relationships (like I am) and celebrity romances, you’re in for a treat. My Unscripted Life is a quick read full of cute scenes, but I really did love how light and fluffy it was. It was on the dramatic side, but hey, this book does take place on a movie set (which in itself was fun) so of course a little drama is to be expected.

Romeo & What’s Her Name by Shani Petroff — 3.5 stars
Romeo & What’s Her Name 
was just the fluffy read I needed. Based off of the synopsis, I expected the play to be the main focus of the entire book, so I was surprised that the play was only one scene and that it occurred towards the beginning of the story. The actual aftermath of the disastrous scene is what comprises most of the book. I would recommend this for younger teens looking for a cute and funny read. Full review here.

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