Favorite Shows of 2022

Favorite Shows of 2022

I’m also a big fan of TV, so I think it’s time to bring more of my thoughts on the different shows I watch here. And what better way to begin than by sharing my favorite shows I watched last year!? So let’s dive in!

The AfterpartyThe Afterparty (Season 1)

Watch it: Apple TV+

This show was SO fun to watch as it aired weekly! I loved discussing theories with friends and family on who was the murderer. The genre of each episode changes as a different suspect is questioned, which is such a brilliant way to develop the characters and show how alibis line up and differ from one another. This show is still a go-to-recommendation I give!

Abbott ElementaryAbbott Elementary (Seasons 1-2)

Watch it: ABC, Hulu

If you love workplace comedies like The Office and haven’t watched Abbott Elementary yet, what are you doing!?! This is a must-watch. The first season is stellar and the second is just as good. I’m looking forward to watching this show for many seasons to come.

BridgertonBridgerton (Season 2)

Watch it: Netflix

I will fight anyone who says the first season of Bridgerton is better than the second. The chemistry between the leads (Jonathan Bailey as Anthony and Simone Ashley as Kate) is OUT OF THIS WORLD and exactly what I want from every romance from now on. I rewatched this season multiple times last year and I know there will be plenty more rewatches in the future. 

HeartstopperHeartstopper (Season 1)

Watch it: Netflix

This adaption of the bestselling YA graphic novel series is so heartwarming and charming! The cast is perfect in every way and I’m so excited to see them return for a second season. Also, Netflix if you see this, I’m begging you to please adapt the Check, Please! graphic novel series next.

Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi (Limited Series)

Watch it: Disney+

I’m glad I went into this limited series with not really knowing what it would exactly be about other than it being a pre-episode IV Obi-Wan adventure. I absolutely adored young Princess Leia and her dynamic with Obi-Wan!

The Summer I Turned PrettyThe Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 1)

Watch it: Prime Video

I am so happy that Jenny Han has had the chance to adapt two of her series now! The Summer I Turned Pretty is the perfect summer show. It’s fun with lots of teenage drama and a dreamy setting (I wish I could own a beach house that beautiful). I actually liked the changes they made from the book series, and I can’t wait for even more drama in season two!

Only Murders in the BuildingOnly Murders in the Building (Season 2)

Watch it: Hulu

It turns out I love a good murder mystery comedy. Between this show, The Afterparty, and Knives Out—I’m here for any and all! Only Murders in the Building was one of my favorite shows of 2021, and I loved the return of our favorite trio. It was a great season and the ending left the perfect set up for the next season.

Stranger ThingsStranger Things (Season 4)

Watch it: Netflix

Wow, this season was intense! I love how we are seeing the kids become teenagers and how they’re changing, especially after all the trauma they’ve been through. Steve Harrington is my favorite character, and I especially love all of his scenes with Robin and Dustin. I will definitely need to do a full series rewatch before the final season drops! 

Never Have I EverNever Have I Ever (Season 3)

Watch it: Netflix

I’ve been a huge fan of Never Have I Ever since the beginning, and I’m pretty sure season three is my favorite season (and I’m not just saying this because I attended the premiere). I loved seeing Devi and her friends mature as they enter their junior year of high school. I also loved how Devi’s relationship with her mom has improved and how her grief has changed now that there’s been more time since her dad passed away. And of course, Devi and Ben’s bestie era was my favorite part of the entire season! I absolutely cannot wait to see where their relationship goes in the final season.

Honorable Mentions

Nancy Drew Season 3Nancy Drew (Season 3)

Watch it: The CW, HBO Max

Season three primarily aired in 2021 so it sadly does not count for this list, but I still wanted to give this show a shout out! We finally have a premiere date for the final season (May 31 if you missed the news) and I can’t wait!

Slow HorsesSlow Horses (Seasons 1-2)

Watch it: Apple TV+

I love a good spy thriller, so I was excited to hear about this one from a coworker! There’s many intense moments but the dysfunctional team dynamic also brings moments of levity to the show. The second season is my favorite so far, and I’m excited for the next season this year. I actually didn’t realize this show was based on a book series until after I watched it, so I cannot speak to how accurate this adaptation is.

WednesdayWednesday (Season 1)

Watch it: Netflix

I’ve never watched The Addams Family (I know, I KNOW 🙈), but I throughly enjoyed Wednesday! I mean, a boarding school setting with a paranormal mystery? So fun (and creepy at times)! I ended up racing through the season as I needed answers. I’m excited to see what’s in store for Wednesday when she returns to Nevermore in the next season.

This Is UsThis Is Us (Season 6)

Watch it: NBC, Hulu

I’ve been watching This Is Us since the beginning and it was bitter-sweet to see the show finally come to end after following the Pearson family for so many years. Season six wasn’t my favorite season due to some of the pacing, but it was still a tear-jerker like previous seasons!

Tell me about your favorite shows of last year!

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