Book vs. Movie: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

I read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and then saw the movie back in June, and I think both are great. The book is hilarious; I’m not even exaggerating when I say I was laughing out loud for most of it. It’s a very entertaining read, and I was excited to see the movie.

I thought the movie was a great adaptation of the book. I was definitely curious how certain parts were going to be portrayed, and I think they were done very well. I really liked how the movie showed more character depth than the book did, and I ended up connecting with some of the characters, especially Rachel, more.

Even though the book is about a guy who is watching a girl die with cancer, it’s honest and very funny. The way that it’s written, as I said, had me laughing out loud. However, while the movie is funny too, I felt more emotional throughout it. This is due to the fact of the better character development that I mentioned.

I think the few differences between the book and the movie made the story better. I absolutely loved the ending, which had me crying. When the credits started rolling, I just sat there for a second, taking it all in.

I definitely suggest reading the book and watching the movie. You won’t be disappointed with either of them.

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