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I adored A Little Something Different when I read it a couple years ago. ADORED it! Sandy’s second book, Signs Point to Yes was just as cute and adorable as A Little Something Different (review here), so I was very excited to read Sandy’s third book, Been Here All Along.

Gideon and Kyle have been best friends and neighbors since they were five years old. Gideon is in all AP classes as well as involved on various school committees while Kyle is barely passing his classes and one of the star basketball players. The book begins with Gideon realizing he’s jealous of Gideon’s girlfriend, Ruby. Trying to figure out why, Gideon creates a binder filled with reasons why he’s in love with Kyle and if he’s actually gay. Ruby finds the binder and proceeds to blackmail Gideon. Meanwhile, Kyle is starting to realize he might be in love with Gideon as he struggles through learning he has have a learning disability.

Sandy Hall is known for featuring multiple POVs in a book. Been Here All Along is no exception and is told in four first person POVs: Gideon, Kyle, Ruby, and Ezra. The focus is mostly on Gideon and Kyle, but Ruby and Ezra’s POVs do make an appearance every now and then. Ruby’s POV allowed a little more insight into why she acted the way she did.

Been Here All Along reminded me a lot of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me.” Even the the title is a line from the song! I loved being able to connect the book to this song. Anyway, the romance was super sweet. I loved how cute Gideon and Kyle together. I also loved how everyone was so supportive of the relationship and how drama free the whole thing was (minus the Ruby thing of course).

Been Here All Along is a very short book, but I enjoyed the lightness of it. Sandy Hall did a great job of keeping it entertaining and fun, which I love about her previous books. They’re all perfect summer (or even pick-me-up) reads!

Overall, Been Here All Along is another cute, charming read. I look forward to reading Sandy’s future books.

My Rating:

4 Hearts

*This ARC was provided to me by the publisher through Xpresso Book Tours and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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Release Date: August 30, 2016
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Gideon always has a plan. His plans include running for class president, becoming head of the yearbook committee, and having his choice of colleges. They do NOT include falling head over heels for his best friend and next door neighbor, Kyle. It’s a distraction. It’s pointless, as Kyle is already dating the gorgeous and popular head cheerleader, Ruby. And Gideon doesn’t know what to do.

Kyle finally feels like he has a handle on life. He has a wonderful girlfriend, a best friend willing to debate the finer points of Lord of the Rings, and social acceptance as captain of the basketball team. Then, both Ruby and Gideon start acting really weird, just as his spot on the team is threatened, and Kyle can’t quite figure out what he did wrong . . .

About Sandy Hall


I’m a teen librarian from New Jersey where I was born and raised. I have a BA in Communication and a Master of Library and Information Science from Rutgers University. When I’m not writing, or teen librarian-ing, I enjoy reading, slot machines, marathoning TV shows, and long scrolls through Tumblr. A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT is my first novel.

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