ARC August Recap

September is in full swing now, which means #ARCAugust has sadly come to an end. Due to moving back to school, prepping and beginning my senior year, having two leadership roles on campus this year, and catching up with friends after being abroad during spring semester, most of my August was jammed packed with to-do lists, events, work, meetings, and classes. However, I was still able to participate in ARC August at the beginning of the month and read 5 books before the craziness began!

For #ARCAugust, I read Just Friends by Tiffany Pitcock, The Color Project by Sierra Abrams, The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas, Breakaway by Cate Cameron, and The Big by Maggie Ann Martin! I still need to write reviews for two books, so look for them coming to the blog soon. Overall, I am happy with the progress I made during this month and enjoyed all of my reads!

How did #ARCAugust go for you? What was your favorite read?

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