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Taylor Swift released her newest single, Me!, last night and I love it so much! To celebrate, I completed the Taylor Swift Book Tag created by Mari @ Musings of a Book Girl.


Book that always makes you cry

I’ve only read Second Chance Summer once, but it made me ugly cry like no other book. If I were to reread it, I know I would sob again. I’ll also throw out there that I cried while reading Morgan Matson’s debut, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, and even teared up during Save the Date. So yeah, I guess it’s just Morgan Matson that makes me cry.


Book with the prettiest cover

THERE’S SO MANY PRETTY COVERS!! HOW CAN I POSSIBLY CHOOSE JUST ONE??? I was going to choose my favorite cover out of the books I’ve read this year, but I just decided to start reading Her Royal Highness and oh wow is that cover gorgeous so I’ll go with that one.


Favorite romance/couple

Will and Tessa from The Infernal Devices have always been one of my favorite couples! I read this trilogy when I was in high school and Will was my ultimate book boyfriend. I am so excited for The Last Hours, where we’ll see them again and their kids!


Favorite coming-of-age story

Everything I read is pretty much a coming-of-age story in some way since I mostly read YA books. One of my faves is Save the Date, whose main character I was able to relate to more than any other character I have read about before. You can read my review of the book to see why I related to Charlie so much!


Biggest bookish regret

I think my biggest bookish regret is that I didn’t really start exploring other genres until I was a junior in high school. There’s so many great series out there that I could have been reading, such as the Percy Jackson books, when I was in middle school and the beginning of high school, but I stuck to rereading my favorites over and over. I wish I branched out more.


Favorite childhood book

I loved all of the Nancy Drew books so much as a kid! I read all of the originals and tons of the different spin-off series. One of my absolute favorites was the SuperMystery series where she and the Hardy Boys teamed up to solve mysteries around the world! I especially loved Secrets of the Nile because I shipped Nancy and Frank so much (before I even knew what shipping was) and they pretend to be newlyweds in this book as a cover—you could say this is where my love for the fake relationship trope began.


Favorite book with a red cover

Hmmmm nothing came to mind at first, but as I was looking at my bookshelves, my eyes landed on the Gallagher Girls series! This was the series that got me into reading YA and will always be a favorite . . . and the conclusion has a red cover!


Book you really wanted to love but couldn’t

For this prompt I went straight to Goodreads and looked at all of my one-star reviews. While I was there I came across Royally Lost, which I read back in 2015. I honestly don’t remember anything about it, but I love royal romances and I was traveling in Europe while I read this book . . . so for me to give it a one-star pretty much says it all.


Book featuring enemies to lovers

Enemies to lovers is one of my absolute favorite tropes! Even though I read it years ago (and still need to read the sequel), The Wrath and the Dawn is one of my favorites and my go-to recommendation for fans of this trope!


Book you couldn’t let go of

I’m going with Aurora Rising because I read it over the weekend and IT’S SO GOOD! I could not put this one down—like I wanted to skip work so I could keep reading—which hasn’t happened in a long time. I know this book is going to stick with me for a long time and I can’t wait for the sequel!


Bookish confession

My biggest bookish confession is probably that I tend to see the movie adaptation before reading the book. There’s plenty of books I’ve read before the movie released, but one of the biggest examples is that I saw all of the Harry Potter movies before I read any of the books.


Book/series you abandoned

I don’t really abandon series because I am SUCH a mood reader so if I’m not feeling something in the moment, I’ll set it aside and pick up it up again when I am in the mood for it. There’s also a lot of series that I’m not caught up with because the books released while I was in college…like the Throne of Glass series. I know I’ll finish it one day because even though there’s a lot of controversy over it in the book community, all of my high school friends read it and are constantly asking me if I’ve finished it yet whenever I see them.


Book you read when you feel vulnerable 

Ooh this is an interesting prompt. I don’t have a specific book that I go to when I’m feeling vulnerable, but I will say I gravitate towards light, fluffy books. A few years ago I experienced a very traumatic event and I read Romeo & What’s Her Name that same day because I needed some kind of escape.

Thanks, Mari, for creating a fun tag! I tag any other fans out there interested in this tag too. And of course, here’s the new song!

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