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richelle mead q&a  - theheartofabookbloggerHere is the third Author Q&A in my series! Richelle Mead is the author of the YA series the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines. Her newest standalone, Soundless, is out November 17, 2015.

  • Jordan: Which one of your characters are you most like?
  • Richelle Mead: They each have glimmers of my personality: humor, logic, stubbornness, etc.
  • J: Which character’s POV was the easiest to get into?
  • RM: Out of the YA books, Sydney. Out of the adult books, Georgina.
  • J: Which YA protagonist (from any series) do you think would get along with any one of your main characters?
  • RM: I think Rose would be baffled/fascinated by Malachi Wolfe and they could do some crazy adventures together :)‬
  • J: Who are your favorite minor characters to write?
  • RM: Malachi Wolfe, hands down. And Eddie when he’s being mini-Dimitri‬.
  • J: Which character do you love to hate?
  • RM: Tom Barrow on Downton Abbey. 🙂 Oh, in my books? Hmm…maybe Victor or Tatiana.‬‬
  • J: Which book took the longest to write?
  • RM: Of all my books, Gameboard of the Gods. In the VA/Bloodlines world…hard to say. Maybe Indigo Spell?‬
  • J: Which book was the hardest to write?
  • RM: Probably Gameboard of the Gods. Such a very complex world–and a big transition after doing VA for so long.
  • J: Which one of your covers is your favorite?
  • RM: Definitely Soundless right now!‬‬


Thanks for answering my questions during the twitter chat, Richelle. Be sure to check out The Ruby Circle in stores now.

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