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I’ve been looking forward to reading Prerna Pickett’s If You Only Knew, and I am so excited to be able to share an interview with the author today in celebration of her debut!

Interview with Prerna Pickett

Let’s start off with a quick teaser about your book—describe If You Only Knew in five words:

Two teens seeking redemption while kissing. Okay that’s technically six words haha.

If You Only Knew is your debut novel. What inspired Tessa and Corey’s story?

It was inspired by a dream I had. There was a man holding down a teen boy and a girl in the background trying to break them apart, and I had to find out why! That scene is in the final copy which is pretty exciting. Always keep a dream journal by your nightstand!

How would your main characters Tessa and Corey describe each other?

Tessa would describe Corey as loyal, sacrificing, and loving. Corey would describe Tessa as brave, kind, and terrifying (but in a good way).

What’s your writing/editing process? Do you have any rituals or listen to any music?

I have a 4yo at home so I pretty much write whenever I can which sometimes means hiding in my room while he watches PJ Masks, or sometimes putting on my headphones and listening to music to drown out all the noise while he’s playing. It really depends on the day. All that matters is getting as many words written as I can before my child decides he needs more of my attention haha.

What song would you choose as a theme song for If You Only Knew?

400 Lux by Lorde. I’m so glad someone asked me this, because I did listen to that song on repeat while working on the first draft.

What’s up next? Can you share anything about what you are currently writing?

I’m currently working on revisions with my agent for what I lovingly refer to as the princess book. It’s Princess Diaries meets When Dimple Met Rishi. I hope I can share it with you all sooner rather than later!

Gone by NightfallAbout If You Only Knew

Release Date: February 11, 2020
Find it here: Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

A boy recently released from jail and the daughter of a prosecutor fall for each other against the odds in this YA novel.

Corey has just been released from jail, and all he wants is a new beginning. But when his former gang comes knocking, Corey agrees to vandalize the home of Kent Hopper, the prosecutor who put him away.

To erase the guilt she carries from getting away with a crime, Tessa spends most of her nights riding her motorcycle. When she catches Corey destroying her father’s car, she doesn’t see a criminal: She sees a way to finally right her own wrongs. So instead of turning Corey over to the police, she convinces her father to give Corey a second chance.

As Tessa and Corey spend more time with each other, it becomes difficult to ignore the pull between them. But they’re both keeping secrets, and when those secrets come to light, they’ll each have to face their demons in order to have a future together.

Prerna Pickett

About Prerna Pickett


Prerna Pickett was born in India, grew up in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington DC, lived in Idaho for a while, then in paradise AKA Hawaii, before moving back to the mainland. If You Only Knew is her debut and set to release winter 2020 with Macmillan/Swoon Reads.

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