Anastasia the Musical Book Tag

    March 16, 2018

    Tonight I am seeing the broadway musical Anastasia, and I am SO excited about it! To celebrate, I am doing the Anastasia the Musical Book Tag created by Nia @ Shades of Paper (I created the image above so please credit me if you use it).


    An author you desperately need to publish another book

    My thoughts: I would love to read another book by Erin L. Schneider! I adored her debut novel, Summer of Sloane, but I do not see any future books on her Goodreads author page! I’m such a fan of YA contemporary and this was such a great addition to the genre!




    A character whose path isn’t easy but overcomes with everything

    My thoughts: Really all of Katie McGarry’s character do not have easy paths, but I’ll go with Noah and Echo from Pushing the Limits. Noah has been separated from his younger brothers in the foster care system after his parents die in a house fire and Echo lost her memory on the worst night of her life, the night that she earned all of the scars covering her arms.



    A book that taught you something new

    My thoughts: While reading Saint and Misfits, I learned more about contemporary Muslim culture, which was useful and helpful in better understanding Islam. S.K. Ali does a wonderful job of weaving in different teaching moments through a “dear imam” column.




    A series where a character fights the system

    My thoughts: It’s been a very long time since I’ve read the Legend trilogy, but from what I remember it’s the a dystopian novel where the two main characters team up together to fight the corrupt government (I know, not very specific). I loved reading it, though, and should probably reread the series one day!




    A world in a series you’ve read that you absolutely love 

    My thoughts: I loved the world building in the Zodiac series! Each of the twelve Zodiac constellations has it’s own planets/moons, leaders, technology, culture, ideologies, landscape, infrastructure, politics, and more. It’s really crazy how unique each of the worlds within the Zodiac series is.




    A book you need to re-read

    My thoughts: I loved reading The Wrath & the Dawn—it was actually my favorite read of 2015. However, I haven’t read the sequel yet! I plan to reread this book again before I dive into The Rose & the Dagger so I am able to enjoy everything about the conclusion!




    A character you wish was alive 

    My thoughts: MAJOR SPOILER ahead if you have not finished Susan Dennard’s Something Strange & Deadly series. Highlight here {Daniel} if you want to know who I wish was still alive. Fun fact: I made my best friend in high school read this series after I finished and she was mad at me because of this death for week afterwards.



    A character you didn’t want to like but still did anyway

    My thoughts: While reading Maggie Hall’s The Conspiracy of Us, I was firmly Team Jack and adamantly anti-anything-that-I-to-do-with-Stellan. However, Stellan grew on me in the sequel and by the conclusion I was officially on Team Stellan.




    Your favorite book when you were a child

    I loved the Nancy Drew books as a kid! They’re the books that got me into reading and I read all of the books in the original series plus many of the spin-off series and the Hardy Boys books. My favorite series was the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery series were they teamed up together to solve cases.




    Your favorite trope 

    My thoughts: There are so many romance tropes that I love! One of my very favorites is the hate-to-love trope. My mind is blanking right now on a book that I love that showcases that trope, so I am choosing Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before because it portrays another one of favorite tropes, the fake relationship, so well!



    Your favorite book of all time

    My thoughts: It’s so hard for me to choose a favorite book of all time, but when I do have to pick, I go with Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity! This book is so heartbreakingly beautiful and I cried so hard after I finished it. I actually should reread this one soon, too!




    A relatable character

    My thoughts: One of the very first characters I ever related to was Cammie Morgan from Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series. Even though I did not attend a boarding school for spies, I related to Cammie feeling like she was invisible.




    Your favorite fairytale 

    My thoughts: I really enjoy reading fairytale retellings so it’s hard to choose just one—that’s why I’m choosing Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles, which retells Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Snow White in an awesome sci-fi world.



    I tag any blogger who loves Anastasia and wants to do this tag!

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