Why I Haven’t Been Around as Much

March 11, 2016

Hi all! I thought I’d take this time to share a little bit about my everyday life. As I mentioned a few months ago, I’m a freshman in college. My first semester was crazy in the sense of being away from home, learning to share a room with someone else, making new friends, and just going about general college life. I’m currently half-way through with my second semester, and it has been crazy with a whole host of other things.

One of the main causes of all the craziness is this huge event that my school puts on every year called Spring Sing. Spring Sing is where each dorm is divided by gender and then in charge of putting on a 7 & 1/2 minute skit for all the students, staff/faculty, parents, and local families. This event is one of the biggest on campus and we even perform at the local Bowl that hosts concerts.

Anyway, at the beginning of the semester, I was asked to be the director for my dorm. Crazy, huh? I still don’t really know why I was chosen, but here I am the day before the event looking back over the past seven weeks and I’m so proud of where we are. As director, I was in charge of communicating with the Spring Sing Committee and all the other dorms’ directors, getting my dorm excited and involved for the event, and just putting the skit together. I wrote half the script, created lyrics for two of the songs, made all of the song cuts, painted a little bit of our huge backdrop, worked with the choreographer to come up with dance moves, casted the actors, helped out with costumes, and just coordinated every other aspect of this skit.

Here’s the part you might be interested in. The plot of our skit takes place in a library and all the main characters are books! Yes, I was able to actually get my dorm to put on a skit about books, and I’m honestly so happy and excited about it.

Well, this is starting to get long, so I’ll cut it short. Thanks for reading, and my schedule will hopefully not be as crazy now that Spring Sing is almost here. Regular-ish posting will begin again soon!


  • Reply Anissa @ She Reads Too Much March 13, 2016 at 6:37 PM

    That is so cool that you got chosen to be the director of Spring Sing, congratulations! 😀 The location for your skit is obviously perfect, haha! It sounds like you’re having a great time as a freshman, and don’t worry about being a bit absent, we’ll all still be here! <3

    • Reply Jordan March 14, 2016 at 4:48 PM

      Thanks! 🙂 We performed on Saturday and had such a great time!

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