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Together, ApartAbout Together, Apart

Release Date: October 20, 2020
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A collection of original contemporary love stories set during life in lockdown by some of today’s most popular YA authors.

Erin Craig “delivers” on a story about a cute pizza delivery boy, Auriane Desombre captures a girl trying to impress her crush on TikTok, and Bill Konigsberg takes readers along on daily walks where every step brings two boys closer to love. There’s roommates-to-enemies-to-something more from Rachael Lippincott, a tale of a girl with a mask-making business and her potentially famous crush from Erin Hahn, and a music-inspired meet cute from Sajni Patel. Brittney Morris sparks a connection with the help of two balcony herb gardens, Jennifer Yen writes an unconventional romance that starts with a fortune reading and a take-out order, and Natasha Preston steals hearts when a girl meets up with the boy next door in a storybook oak tree.

Romantic, realistic, sweet and uplifting, TOGETHER, APART is a collection of finding love in unexpected places during an unprecedented time . . . each with the one thing we all want: a guaranteed happy ending.

I read Together, Apart last week and it was very sweet! All of the stories are so cute and show a glimmer of hope and joy during such a difficult and devastating time. My favorites in the collection were “Love with a Side of Fortune” by Jennifer Yen and “Masked” by Erin Hahn, but they were all so good!

Love, Delivered by Erin A. Craig — 4 stars
A strong start to the collection, “Love, Delivered” was a fun meet-cute and explored what it might feel like to have moved right as the lockdown began. When it ended, I wanted more of Millie and Luka’s story so that’s good sign!

The Socially Distant Dog-Walking Brigade by Bill Konigsberg — 4 stars
I love dogs, so I loved the idea of two people meeting while walking their dogs! Kaz and Daxton instantly connect and begin meeting up daily to walk their dogs together (while six feet apart, of course).

One Day by Sajni Patel — 3.5 stars
Being in a cramped apartment with your family during lockdown would be hard, and Sajni Patel captures this feeling in Bobby. Her annoyance comes to a bursting point when she goes to her balcony for peace and quiet only to hear a bit playing guitar. So of course she throws her shoe at him, and then they start communicating through a whiteboard and later text. Very cute!

The Rules of Comedy by Auriane Desombre — 3 stars
While the “The Rules of Comedy” was cute, it was my least favorite in the collection. I did like that there was a focus on a sister relationship (especially the gap on high school/college age) and how part of the love story unfolds through TikTok.

The New Boy Next Door by Natasha Preston — 3.5 stars
The boy next door trope is a classic, and “The New Boy Next Door” was a fun lockdown take on it. Quinn was super friendly and it was neat to see how her neighborhood came together to try to support each other during the difficult time.

Love With a Side of Fortune by Jennifer Yen — 5 stars
I’ve been looking forward to reading Jennifer Yen’s debut A Taste for Love, so I’m super glad that I loved “Love With a Side of Fortune” as much as I did! Michelle is working at her family’s Chinese restaurant during lockdown, so when her crush Evan picks up an order, it’s a pleasant surprise. But then Evan keeps returning as his parents both work at the hospital, and sparks fly between him and Michelle!

The Green Thumb War by Brittney Morris — 4 stars
Another apartment story, I love how Billie and Bastian windows were right across from each other. The dual POVs was a fun change-up for the collection, and their competition was cute!

Stuck With Her by Rachael Lippincott — 4 stars
As someone who had a terrible roommate my freshman year of college, I cannot imagine being in quarantine with her. I would have gone out of my mind. So I could sadly relate to Mia’s annoyance and anger a little too closely. But this one has a happy ending!

Masked by Erin Hahn — 5 stars
I’ve read and loved both of Erin Hahn’s novels, so it’s no surprise that “Masked” was one of my favorites in the collection! It was absolutely adorable! I loved how Gray destroyed her dream dress in order to sew masks for her community, the dual POVs of her and Jude, how they met, and the secret musician/celebrity identity reveal.

Overall Rating:

4 Hearts*This ARC was provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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