Rating System

I rate the books I review on a scale of 1 -5 hearts, including halves. Below is a very basic understanding of what each rating means. Reviews will explain the rating for each particular book in more detail.

1 heart — Did not enjoy whatsoever. Most likely left me unhappy and disappointed. Cannot recommend.
1.5 hearts — Didn’t really enjoy it, but there was some kind of redeeming quality at the end.
2 hearts — There were some aspects I liked, but overall I didn’t really enjoy it. Wouldn’t reread it.
2.5 hearts — Eh, it wasn’t the book for me, but others might enjoy it.
3 hearts — An okay read. Enjoyable as I was reading and would most likely read any sequels.
3.5 hearts — Good read but something was off. Recommend.
4 hearts — Entertaining and enjoyable read. Recommend.
4.5 hearts — Loved it; nearly perfect. Definitely recommend.
5 hearts —  Absolutely adored this book. New favorite that I will recommend to everyone.