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Book vs. Movie

Book vs. Movie

Book vs Movie: Paper Towns

I liked reading Paper Towns. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was definitely an okay read. The beginning and end were very entertaining. I really liked the hijinks that Q and Margo get up to and the road trip the gang takes to find her. It was just…

August 24, 2015
Book vs. Movie

Book vs. Movie: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

I read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and then saw the movie back in June, and I think both are great. The book is hilarious; I’m not even exaggerating when I say I was laughing out loud for most of it. It’s a very entertaining…

August 10, 2015
Book vs. Movie

Book vs. Movie: Insurgent

I saw Insurgent last night, and it was really great. To be honest, going into the movie, I couldn’t remember too much of the actual book since I had read it over a year ago. I was a little aphrenrsive based on the trailers…

March 20, 2015
Book vs. Movie

Book vs. Movie: The DUFF

First thing first, The Duff book and movie are way different from each other. Both are good, but definitely different. I read Kody Keplinger’s book back in June when it was first announced that a movie would be filmed (my aunt is one of…

March 18, 2015