12 Days of YA Book Recommendations: Day 7 – Retelling

12 Days of YA Book Recommendations

On the seventh day of YA book recommendations, I’m recommending a Pride & Prejudice retelling!

A Taste for Love

Pride and Prejudice meets The Great British Bake Off in A Taste for Love! This modern, romcom reimagining is a fun take on Jane Austen’s classic novel. It’s full of family expectations, drama, first love, and a messy baking competition that are sure to entertain you. I loved the focus on the complicated mother/daughter relationship as well as Liza and James’ cute romance. This fun retelling will leave you hungry and craving pastries—there’s so many delicious food descriptions!

Find the book: Goodreads, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon

What are your favorite retellings? Let me know below in the comments!

Follow along during the 12 Days of YA Book Recommendations and check out last year’s retelling recommendation.

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